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BlueWasher BlueWasher uses centrifugation instead of aspiration to remove liquids from all plate formats, including 1536w, eliminating automation changes, delivering unparalleled ROI and direct boost to overall drug discovery productivity. Now with gravity drain, eliminating waste pump & filters.

The award-winning BlueWasher uses centrifugation instead of aspiration for non-contact and contamination-freeremoval of liquids from all plate formats, including 1536 well. It achieves near zero residual volume and eliminatesproblems associated with conventional, aspiration-based washers.The BlueWasherreduces assay background andvariability, eliminates wash steps and needle clogging, while increasing throughput, reliability and saving consumablecost withtiplessmedia-changes in cell-based screening and magnetic bead wash applications.

processing system

better z’ for cellular assays magnetic bead wash

BlueWasher: Key benefits for cellular assays
1. Better data -> Miss fewer actives, generate fewer false positives
Typical z’ lift: 0.1 – 0.3 due to lower %cv and background
No “donuts” – cell monolayer preserved, no cell loss from aspiration
Benefits wide range of assays: HTS, HCS, FLIPR, molecular assays in 96/384/1536w
Identifies active compounds previously inhibited
Reduces false positives -> reduces cost & effort of secondary screening

2. Simpler assay design
~0.2µl residual volume allows direct addition of functional assay, stain, or Ab:
Eliminates wash steps
Enables conversion of 384w to 1536w screening formats
No need for complex design of “squirt-squirt-read” assays

3. More reliable screening operations
No assay data lost to clogged cannulas or warped plates
No need to re-calibrate needle positions
Residual volumes constant over time

4.Easy to automate, fast, compact
Easy to serve plate nest
<30sec to evacuate any plate format, including 1536w
15’’x 23’’ footprint
No need for compressed air or vacuum pump

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Living cells