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NanoCell Compact Modular Robotic System

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NanoCell Compact Modular Robotic System

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Detailed introduction

	 NanoCell Compact Modular Robotic System


NanoCell Compact Modular Robotic System NanoCell is a small modular robot system that can be connected to other instruments and devices.

Fluid: Be the change

The only constant is change, and that especially applies to your lab workflows. NanoCell, a small footprint lab automation system, enables you to build a flexible and dynamic laboratory. Swap instruments almost instantly, turn a Drug Discovery automation system into a High Content Imaging system without having to reteach lab robots or reconnect instruments. NanoCell’s small footprint lab robotics design enables you to tailor your lab's capacity and processes to fit your research needs, allowing you to easily add, remove, and relocate material and devices within and among your robotic systems—all on-demand.

Compact: Bigger isn't always better

Lab space comes at a premium so it’s often important to minimize the footprint of your automation. NanoCell offers you all the flexibility and modularity of a HighRes automated robotic system, while conserving precious lab space.

Scalable: NanoCell grows with you

As your processes require more throughput and greater complexity, NanoCell's scalable architecture helps you grow gracefully. You can start out with small footprint lab automation, and expand as you need. HighRes has the ability to integrate a NanoCell with not only other NanoCells, and other HighRes automated robotic systems (ACell, MicroStar), but also also other robotic automation systems.

Key Features:

  • Modularity over a very small footprint

  • Industrial lab automation allows for reliable picking and placing of labware

  • Cellario scheduling software with full error recovery and over 100 device drivers

  • Easily expand in the future by linking additional systems to your existing system

  • Can be fitted with a range of enclosures and safety options

  • Integrate devices on mobile carts or fixed tables

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