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MicroSpin Automated High-Speed Plate Centrifuge

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MicroSpin Automated High-Speed Plate Centrifuge

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Detailed introduction

MicroSpin Automated High-Speed Plate Centrifuge

MicroSpin Automated High-Speed Plate Centrifuge MicroSpin is automated high-speed plate centrifuge, which has a high-g-force of 3000g, provides significant imbalance tolerance and its easy-access door design helps it to be loaded directly by the robot.

Fast: Fast just got faster

Have a need for high-speed plate centrifugation? The MicroSpin is the right automated benchtop centrifuge for you. MicroSpin is a high-speed, high-g-force automated centrifuge that spins tubes, vials, or plates. With its advanced, high-powered motor the MicroSpin can achieve up to 3,000g.

Grounded: Finding balance in an imbalanced world

Do you need to spin a single plate? Other automated microplate centrifuges require a "dummy plate" for precise load balancing. The MicroSpin provides significant imbalance tolerance for your application. The powerful rotors inside of the MicroSpin function even with a rotor imbalance of 75g.

Flexible Access — any way you want it

The MicroSpin's patent-pending door design allows for easy plate loading. Using a SCARA robot? No problem. Using an articulated robot? No problem. Using a top load arm? No problem. While other automated centrifuges offer very limited loading options, MicroSpin works with any type of robot. More importantly the easy-access door design helps improve your assay throughput since it can be loaded directly by the robot. In addition, you can even centrifuge deep-well plates, stacked plates, and filtration assemblies.

Key Features:

1) Innovative door design allows plate loading from both the top and side of the plate nest.

2) Fast, reliable centrifugation

3) High tolerance to imbalance

4) Convenient Ethernet communications

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