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PlexBio Multiplex Biomarker Detecting System

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PlexBio Multiplex Biomarker Detecting System

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Detailed introduction

Multiplex Solution for Better Health PlexBio Multiplex Biomarker Detecting System PlexBio is a high-throughput multiplex biomarker detecting system that detects DNA and proteins, equivalent to carrying out hundreds of PCR or ELISA experiments simultaneously in one well.


With the growth of precision medicine and the development of personalized medicine, the number of available assays has been increasing along with the cost of healthcare. Multiplexing provides an attractive solution for cost-reduction, as unlike traditional methods, a multiplex assay can provide results for multiple targets in a single reaction, saving time, labor, reagents, samples, and thereby reducing healthcare costs.


PlexBio’s Precision Image Code (πCode) MicroDiscs are manufactured by semi-conductor processes and able to generate over 16,000 distinct circular image patterns for multiplexing applications. To be used in biological applications, each circular microdisc is encapsulated in a highly stable polymer with an added paramagnetic property, which allows it to be suitable for bio-conjugation, washing, and automation applications.

Each πCode MicroDisc has a distinct circular image pattern, which corresponds to the specific capture agents conjugated to the disc surface, thus allowing the capture and detection of specific analytes from a sample. Virtually any probe used in clinical diagnostics can be conjugated to πCode MicroDiscs, including DNA, RNA. antigens, antibodies, proteins, or chemical compounds.

In order to perform a biological test, πCode MicroDiscs with desired detection probes were pooled together in a single well and reacted with patient sample, followed by hybridization and fluorescent labeling. The assay detection was done by optical imaging florescence analyzer PlexBio 100/200, which uses the CCD camera to read the distinct image patterns under bright field and quantifies the analyte by reading the fluorescence signal intensity under dark field, reporting the reactions occurring at each πCode MicroDisc in a user-friendly interface.

PlexBio Multiplex Biomarker Detecting System

Analysis system

πCode MicroDiscs


Personalization: Can obtain the personalized experiment results based on the special design of πCode MicroDiscs and probes.

High-throughput: Can carry out the detecting experiments in 96-well microplate.

Fast Speed: Can read one 96-well microplate in less than 60min.

High Sensitivity: Sensitivity can be 0.1%-0.05% or pg-ng level.

Multiplex: Can detect hundreds of analyte in one well. Only 50 well multiplexed experiments by PlexBio can equal to 26 96-well single experiments.

Low Cost: The low cost of PlexBio can lead to more applications.


(1) Companion Diagnostic Panel, e.g. Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, HCV, etc.

(2) Early Detection/Screening, e.g. HPV, bDNA HPV, Colon Cancer, etc.

(3) Prenatal Diagnostics, e.g. ToRCH+, Pre-Eclampsia Screening, etc.

(4) Food Safety Testing Panel.

Living cells

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Living cells