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In vivo microenvironment simulation system

In vivo microenvironment simulation system

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AVATARTM next generation microenvironment simulation system in vivo
Opening new doors based on cytological research
Do you want to reconstruct the physiological microenvironment of cells in vitro?
Are you suffering from the low survival rate of primary cells?
Are you troubled by the fact that CTCs is too small to carry out more downstream applications?
Do you wish to reduce the difference between cytological test results and clinical trial results?
Are you eager to improve the efficiency of gene editing, CAR-T, and stem cell reprogramming?
Researchers from XCell Biosciences have successfully developed the next generation of in vivo microenvironment simulation system, AVATAR. The system simulates the physiological environment of different parts of the body by controlling a number of parameters, so that cells show morphological characteristics related to physiology, gene and protein expression level, so as to obtain more accurate data. In addition, CTCs was successfully cultured and amplified in vitro.

Living cells in Ji'nan

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Living cells