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Sample pretreatment system for droplet array

Sample pretreatment system for droplet array

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Detailed introduction

Sample pretreatment

(1) product functions:
DA-Cell micro-droplet array sample pretreatment system, using the laminar flow effect of gravity and hydromechanics, can be used in a very gentle and scientific way without centrifugation to achieve the cleaning of suspended cells, beads and other samples. Using special hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials, CURIOX has developed a unique and innovative microporous plate, which can be used to dye and incubate cells and microbeads.
The whole system is an innovative and integrated solution including dyeing, incubation, cleaning and so on. It can greatly improve the preparation effect of suspension samples, such as cells and beads, and get more scientific experimental results. It can reduce the experimental system and costs. DA-Cell can be widely used in preparation of suspended samples such as cells and beads.
(two) product advantages:
Sample processing is very mild, to prevent pressure and cell damage: traditional cells, beads and other suspension samples must be prepared by centrifugation, centrifugal force to hundreds or thousands of G (that is, cells need to withstand hundreds or thousands of times the weight of their own pressure), which has a great impact on the state of cells, or even produce breakage; A-Cell can make use of the laminar flow effect of gravity and hydrodynamics of the cell itself to prepare the sample without any stress on the cell, so it can significantly reduce cell damage.
Reducing cell stress and maintaining the most primitive levels of protein and biomarker expression: Conventional centrifugation can cause a large amount of stress on suspension products such as cells, which can affect the expression of many genes and may eventually affect the proteins and biomarkers that scientists observe, resulting in biased data. DA-Cell microdroplet array sample pretreatment system has little pressure and interference on cells, which can minimize the interference on protein and biomarker expression levels.
Eradicate cell deviation, get more scientific results: because different cell size, density, morphology and so on are different, they are lost in the traditional centrifugal treatment process of different proportions, retained proportion has deviated from the original
The true value will result in deviation or even error. However, the loss of cells in DA-Cell method is very small.
Keeping the ratio of original cells to a certain extent helps to get more real and scientific results.
4-cell retention is higher: traditional centrifugation can lose a large number of cells, the retention rate is only 10-50%, while DA-Cell
The method can enhance cell retention, reaching 95%, several times the traditional method.
Reduce the experimental system and reduce the cost of 50--80%: because the DA-Cell method can retain more cells if final
If the desired number of cells remains unchanged, the initial number of cells and reagents added can be substantially reduced by as much as 50-80%. So that your experiment is more economical and efficient.
6. Automatic operation, better repeatability and avoidance of manual deviation: There are many artificial factors in traditional centrifugal method.
Because different people's manipulation is different, the same person's manipulation at different times is difficult to maintain the same.
Therefore, the repeatability of the experiment is poor, and DA-Cell is fully automatic operation, avoiding the error of manual introduction, which can greatly improve the repeatability of the experiment.
Save time, improve efficiency and fluxes: Traditional centrifugal cleaning has many steps each time, including: adding liquid, heavy
It takes 20-40 minutes to wash, centrifuge and go to the top, and the DA-Cell method only needs 20-40 minutes.
It takes 2-6 minutes, only the traditional method of 10-20% is needed.
(three) product application direction:
The treatment of suspension samples such as tumor research, immunology research, cell killing, cell cycle, cell proliferation, cell phagocytosis, phenotypic screening, antibody screening, small molecule drug screening, cell therapy, immune cell typing, etc.


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