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Dynamic cell imaging and analysis system

Dynamic cell imaging and analysis system

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IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis SystemIncuCyte S3IncuCyte S3 from Essen, USA, will solve this problem in an all-round way. IncuCyte S3 is a non-invasive method to record the real-time growth of cells in incubator. It extends the way for users to record and study cell growth, cell behavior and cell morphology. It is widely used in cell biology, drug screening, tumor research and other fields.

At present, most of the cell detection methods are still the traditional endpoint method - only give the final results, this method can not only make dynamic monitoring and analysis of cell growth process, but also may get biased results. Essen developed IncuCyte S3, a third generation of long-term dynamic living cell imaging analyzer. In the incubator, a non-invasive method was used to record the real-time growth of cells, expanding the way for users to record and study cell growth, cell behavior and cell morphology.

Living cells in Ji'nan

The traditional endpoint method can not give a complete result. Different conclusions may be obtained at different time points.

Immune tumor microenvironment

IncuCyte records complete experimental changes and restores real data in an automated, non-invasive manner.
Free your physical labor and make you a true scientist.
Placed in the incubator, 24 hours without rest, real-time recording of the experimental process and retain video, remote analysis of data through the computer. Cells need not leave the incubator to ensure the stability of the culture environment and the authenticity of cell performance.

Immune tumor microenvironment

Small size, large capacity, 6 x 384 pore throughput support, compatible with all current standard cell culture carriers, no special consumables, saving experimental costs.

Immune tumor microenvironment

The image recording can be quickly converted into quantized data, and the corresponding images, videos and curves can be obtained from all the holes on the microporous plate.
Flexible application areas:
1. cell migration / cell invasion
2. cell proliferation
3. apoptosis
4. cytotoxicity
5. 3D cell spheres
6. immune cell killing
7. cell chemotaxis
8. neuron growth
9. angiogenesis
10. cell phagocytosis
11. full aperture imaging
12. monoclonal screening
13. stem cell monitoring
14. report gene
15. cell quality control
IncuCyte is widely recognized in both the academic field focusing on basic research and the pharmaceutical industry. It has contributed more than 1,000 papers worldwide and is being used by many top academic institutions and leading enterprises in China.

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Living cells