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The important influence of modern biotechnology on human health

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The important influence of modern biotechnology on human health

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What is the relationship between modern biological technology and health? With the continuous improvement of scientific research means, biotechnology has become an indispensable part of our life, especially the cooperative development of biotechnology and medicine, which enables biotechnology to protect our health to a large extent. Let's take a look at the impact of the development of Biotechnology on human health.

The important influence of modern biotechnology on human health

Influence of biotechnology development on human health

The application of biotechnology in the fields of health care, environmental protection and food has a profound impact on the improvement of human medical and living environment, the improvement of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment technology. However, while bringing great benefits to human society, we should be highly alert to its negative impact on human health, social ethics and ecological environment, And actively make scientific and effective countermeasures

1. Development status of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is based on life science. It uses the characteristics and functions of organisms (or biological tissues, cells and other components) to design and construct new materials or new strains with expected performance, It is a comprehensive science and technology developed in the early 1970s on the basis of molecular biology and cell biology combined with modern engineering methods and principles

Modern biotechnology based on genetic engineering, protein engineering and cell engineering is the frontier of scientific and technological innovation in the 21st century and represents the direction of high-tech development. Especially, the successful implementation of the human genome project (HGP), which was launched in 1990 and participated by the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, France and China, has pushed life science to the peak of contemporary scientific research

With the development of biotechnology, many new problems, new ideas and new challenges have been put forward in chemistry, mathematics, physics, materials, information engineering and other disciplines, which makes these disciplines constantly open up new research fields

The development of biotechnology industry is of great significance for improving people's living environment and improving people's quality of life, especially for a country with a large population and few resources per capita

2. Disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Pharmaceutical biotechnology is one of the most active, fastest-growing and most effective fields in the field of biotechnology. The proportion of investment and product market occupy the first place in the field of biotechnology. The application of biotechnology in the field of medicine involves new drug development, new diagnostic technology, preventive measures and new treatment technology, Such as monoclonal antibody, gene diagnosis, fluorescence detection, gene chip and so on. These technologies can diagnose diseases quickly, sensitively and simply. The common methods of disease diagnosis are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and DNA diagnosis technology

Monoclonal antibodies can be used for disease treatment as well as for disease diagnosis. For example, the biological missile used for tumor treatment is to connect the drug for treating tumor with the antibody against tumor cells, and make the drug concentrate on the tumor site to kill the tumor cells by using the affinity between the antibody and the antigen, In addition, monoclonal antibodies are more often used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, Gene chip technology can be used in the diagnosis of hereditary diseases, infectious diseases and tumors, DNA sequence analysis, drug screening, gene expression level determination and other fields. All of these play a certain role in improving human health and improving the quality of life

3. Biopharmaceutical

Biopharmaceuticals have changed the raw materials, processes and production methods of traditional pharmaceuticals, producing drugs with special curative effects, Antibiotics are the most familiar and widely used biotechnological drugs. Currently, genetically engineered protein drugs are mainly used to treat cancer, AIDS, bacterial infection, metabolic diseases, blood diseases, diabetes and so on [3]. Recombinant vaccines produced by genetic engineering can achieve the goal of safety and efficiency, Such as viral hepatitis vaccine, cholera, dysentery, schistosomiasis vaccine, etc

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