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What kind of object is a living cell

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What kind of object is a living cell

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Self is a kind of somatic cell that can carry out basic metabolism and reproduce living conditions, such as sieve tube cells and yeast. We can distinguish dead cells from self depending on whether we can separate and shape plant cells. Dead cells can not be molded, but self can observe cell structure. Now let's learn the difference between self and dead cells.

Living cell component

What are living cells

Self is the somatic cell that can carry out basic metabolism, reproduction and copy. For example: sieve tube cell, yeast, bee pollen, male sperm, platelets and so on. Autogenous cells are also called living body cells.

recognition methods

There are ways to distinguish dead cells from autogenous cells, such as blood pressure, autogenous can produce plasma wall, and dead cells cannot be separated. The blood can be shaped and self bred, but dead cells can't. under the electron microscope, there are several somatic cells. Supplement, carry out coloring, body cells show different results, load, immediately observe the cell structure.

Characteristics of living cells

Differences in metabolism of somatic cells

Fluorescein bisglacial acetate (FDA) is a common dye for evaluating the daily viability of animal and plant cell cells and protoplasts of plant cells. Its coloring principle also uses the difference of metabolism between good and bad somatic cells: FDA does not cause photoluminescence and has no optical rotation, and can penetrate into and out of detailed cytoplasm at will. When FDA enters the body, the lipase in the host cell dissolves and transforms into fluorescein, which has optical activity and can cause fluorescence. FDA dissolves but can't cause fluorescein.

Living cell detection method

In addition, there are also some special staining agents of cell structure, such as neutral red, which is a special staining agent of vacuole system. Neutral red is a kind of low toxic dye, which can make the autogenous vacuoles bright red, while the nucleus and cytoplasm are not stained; the vacuoles of dead cells are not stained or lightly stained, and the dye is diffused in all the somatic cells, and the cytoplasm and nucleus are stained with bright red. Sometimes, in order to improve the actual color effect, the two dyes can be used together. The most important thing about the timer is not to forget to connect the switching power supply first, and then release the paper tape.

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Living cells