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Why do we all experience aging

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Why do we all experience aging

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For aging, this is an unavoidable topic, each of us will grow old slowly, and even eventually come to the end of life. In fact, the issue of aging also plagues many scientists, especially in recent years, many of us have used a lot of means to prolong our life span, and we are pursuing a belief of immortality. Now, with the advanced technology and medical level, our life expectancy has been successfully extended for two years.

Living cell function

Living cell function

The developed and convenient information network enables us to have a better understanding of our own health level, including the latest medical knowledge, healthy diet and even buying health insurance for ourselves. Moreover, when we are sick, we can make appointment with the right doctor and make a treatment plan;

Adequate food enables today's people to eat nutritious and healthy meals, which not only improves the quality of life, but also ensures people's health;

The popularization of public health knowledge, clean drinking water, clean living environment and great progress in medical means are conducive to the extension of people's life.

But is it possible for medical progress to overcome aging and prolong human life span? Where is the end of human life? Let's start with the mechanism of aging.

Types of living cells

The internal cause of aging is Living cells

The human body is made up of cells. These large numbers of cells make up every part of our body. Relying on the natural operation of cells, our life can continue. Moreover, the "machine" will also have problems and wear in the process of use. These factors are constantly accumulating, which is the main reason for people's aging.

Cells carry out various life activities in order to maintain the normal operation of life every day, which produces oxidation waste free radicals and so on. These oxidation products will continuously accumulate in the body, which will oxidize the cells and destroy the genetic materials in the cells. When the body's repair mechanism can no longer repair the damaged, the human body will also It's getting old. At the same time, the aging mechanism is also related to the number of cell division. In 1961, American scientists found that the number of human cell division is always fixed, which shows that the value of human life is fixed and limited.

In addition, the speed of cell apoptosis is also very fast, a large number of cells die every second and need to be updated urgently. Among them, the regeneration of nerve cells dominates the process of human aging, and the decline of nerve cells symbolizes that the human body will also enter into aging and death.

Seven different types of aging injury

Although scientists have found a variety of physiological mechanisms that can induce human aging in people, the reasons behind it are very complex. Scientists can not give an exact answer, and at the same time, the problems caused by aging can not be underestimated.

1. Cell loss and tissue atrophy

2. Nuclear mutation

3. The mitochondria in the cell mutated

4. Useless or harmful cells do not apoptosis

5. Large amounts of cross-linked proteins stiffen tissues

6. Extracellular waste

7. Intracellular waste

Living cell regeneration

Aging is actually a gradual decline in cells, so there is no big difference between prolonging our lives and saving our lives. If we really break through the limit of our life span, then we can create more opportunities for ourselves, let us gain more benefits and see more scenery. The effect of Immune tumor microenvironment is relatively obvious.

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Living cells