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How do living cancer cells come into being

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How do living cancer cells come into being

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In fact, there are not many people suffering from cancer in our country. Many people are more curious about how cancer cells are generated. In fact, for most people, it is not particularly understood, and in many people's subconscious, will always feel cancer is very terrible. Although there are immuno tumor microenvironment detection technology, but still can not eliminate the fear of most people. So, how do cancer cells come into being? How can we stay away from cancer cells? Let's take you to know about it today.

Types of living cells

How do cancer cells form

There are cancerous cells in every human body. Many people may not believe this statement. He will ask back, "if you say I have cancer cells, why don't I have cancer?"? Cancer is still in the minority.

The reason is that there are cancerous cells in the human body at any time, while the normal human body also has phagocytes to repair and phagocytize the mutated cells. When the canceration process and phagocytosis process reach a balance, there will be no accumulation of cancerous cells in the human body. The human body is healthy and will not get cancer.

When this process is broken, the canceration process is accelerated and the activity of phagocytes is not enough. Cancerous cells accumulate in a certain part of the body. When the cancerous variants grow to a certain size, they oppress human nerves and blood vessels, making people uncomfortable. At the same time, cancer cells have a stronger ability to absorb nutrients than normal cells, and the human body is gradually emaciated and weak. At this time, cancer cells are formed.

Living cell classification

How to prevent cancer in life?

Eat more blueberries

The latest research from Rutgers University found that blueberry is rich in pterostilbene, which can significantly reduce the risk of intestinal precancerous lesions. The development of intestinal precancerous lesions is likely to lead to colon cancer. Experts suggest that eating a cup and a half of blueberries a day (about 168 grams) can achieve the anti-cancer effect.

Do more exercises

Moderate exercise is recommended by scientists. According to research, an hour's walk a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 46 percent.

The American Cancer Society recommends that people do at least 60 minutes of moderate or slightly intense exercise every day, more than five times a week. Ferri added that being overweight also increases the risk of cancer.

Eat less sausage and barbecue

British scientists found that regular consumption of processed meat, such as bacon, sausage, will greatly increase the risk of colon cancer, especially in men.

Dr. Rachel Thompson of the world cancer research foundation, who led the study, said: "the intake of processed meat should be limited to 70 grams per week (the weight of three slices of Bacon)". If you want to eat barbecue, it is best to marinate in lemon juice for 1 hour before roasting.

More stations and less seats

A new study by the American Cancer Institute has found that more than 92000 cancer cases associated with sedentary life occur each year. Even regular exercise does not offset the cancer risk of sedentary.

Experts suggest setting up mobile phone alarm or computer screen saver and getting up every 1 hour for 1-2 minutes. More standing helps to lower the molecular level of cancer in the body.

Live cell detection

It is the neglect of people's life that leads to the frequent occurrence of cancer cells. With cancer, as long as the correct treatment, or can survive for a long time. Now medicine is relatively developed, so as long as we go to check our bodies, we can actually find early cancer cells. Early treatment will not affect our normal life.

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