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Guarantee of autologous living cell transplantation

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Guarantee of autologous living cell transplantation

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1. High survival rate of autologous living cells 90%.

High-quality high-activity fat granules were screened by centrifugation and cultured into high-density active fat granule cells with various growth factors. It has the ability of self-renewal and microcirculation reconstruction, and is perfectly integrated with the surrounding tissues.

After transplantation, the survival rate is as high as 90%, and the effect is full and durable.Living cells

Living cells


2. Asian authority injection is precise molding.

The overall design of precise filling, from facial micro-carving to body shape, position, metering precise control, accurate control.

Single step domestic authoritative expert technology, accurate to the calculation and control of 0.1ML.

One injection, full molding, precise effect!

3, the speed of making the United States 30 minutes full face molding.

Domestic first live cell transplantation, time strictly controlled, 30 minutes to complete the whole face sculpture, to ensure that live cells live energy.

Process standard operation, fast and simple, easy and painless, without leaving traces!

The original ecology creates beauty quickly, and achieves youth and beauty with ease.

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Living cells