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Disadvantages of sample pretreatment

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Disadvantages of sample pretreatment

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       Some people say that "choosing an appropriate sample pretreatment method is equivalent to completing half of the analytical work," which is just the right way to show the importance of sample pretreatment. For a specific sample, how to choose the appropriate method from a large number of? Up to now, no one sample pretreatment method can be completely suitable for different samples or different objects under test. Even if the same kind of object is under different sample and condition, the pretreatment method may be different. In general, the following criteria must be taken into account in evaluating the rationality of the sample pretreatment methods for determining the best scheme for specific analysis of different samples:

Sample pretreatment


1, whether the interfering substances that affect the determination can be removed to the maximum extent. This is a measure of whether the preprocessing method is effective or not, or even if the method is simple and fast will not be helpful.

2, the recovery rate of the tested components is high. Low recovery is usually accompanied by poor repeatability of the results, which not only affects the sensitivity and accuracy of the method, but also ultimately makes it impossible to determine low concentration samples, because the lower the concentration, the worse the recovery.Living cells.

3, whether the operation is simple and time-saving. The more steps the pretreatment method takes, the greater the loss of samples caused by multiple transfers and the greater the final error.

4, is the cost low? Avoid expensive instruments and reagents as far as possible. Of course, for some of the new efficient, fast, simple, reliable and highly automated sample pretreatment technologies that are currently being developed, although the use of some of the instruments is more expensive, this investment is worth it compared with the benefits it produces.

5, whether it affects human health and environment. Reagents that pollute the environment or affect human health should be used as little or no as possible. Even if they are unavoidable, they must be recycled to minimize their harm.

6, the scope of application is as wide as possible. As far as possible for all kinds of analysis and testing methods, and even online operation, facilitate process automation.

7, whether it is suitable for field operation or field operation.

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