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Three essential factors of immunotherapy for tumor microenvironment Living cells

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Three essential factors of immunotherapy for tumor microenvironment Living cells

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To achieve the killing of T cells against immune tumor microenvironment is a complex process involving many factors. Currently, there are three main factors in the understanding of cancer treatment:

Firstly, the recognition of tumor cells by cytotoxic T cells is the choice of tumor-associated antigens in terms of therapeutic strategies. The selection of antigens is related to the type of cancer, for example, in viral-induced cancer types (hepatitis virus-induced liver cancer, HPV-related cervical cancer, etc.), antigens can come from viruses; in other types of cancer of origin, neo-antigens (mutations from tumor cells) should be selected.

Immune tumor microenvironment Living cells



In the practice of precise tumor treatment, the source positive cells select the corresponding antigen peptide library + Neo-antigens after tumor gene sequencing in the treatment of MASCT autoimmune cells.

Second: there are enough pre-existing effector T cells in vivo.Living cells

Third: Tumor cells in the long struggle with the human body's internal environment, through the adaptation and transformation of the surrounding environment, and ultimately immune escape, avoid the epidemic system attacks to form tumors. In some patients, tumor cells and T cells coexist. According to the immunosuppressive status of tumor, immunocheckpoint inhibitors such as PD-1, PD-L1 and CTLA-4 perform well, but they are far from truly reversing the environment of tumor patients.

Combination therapy may be a direction to achieve T cell killing of tumor, such as MASCT-1 technology in vitro combined with PD-1 antibody, combination of multiple immunocheckpoint inhibitors, combination of immunotherapy with radiotherapy and targeted therapy.

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