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The overall immune tumor microenvironment

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The overall immune tumor microenvironment

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       Immune tumor microenvironment, that is, the internal environment in which tumor cells produce and live, includes not only the tumor cells themselves, but also the fibroblasts, immune and inflammatory cells, glial cells and other cells around them, as well as the mesenchymal cells, microvessels and biological molecules infiltrated in the vicinity.

Immune tumor microenvironment


More than 100 years ago, Stephen Paget proposed the famous concept of "seed and soil" based on clinical observations of organ-specific metastases of breast cancer. However, this hypothesis did not receive enough attention at that time, limiting the therapeutic thinking to the tumor cells themselves, resulting in a very difficult road for humans to fight cancer. Until recently, more and more scientists began to realize that tumor and tumor microenvironment are an inseparable whole.

Immune tumor microenvironment is like a small ecological environment, which is closely related to tumor cells. Therefore, no matter from the biological or philosophical point of view, the study of tumor microenvironment is essential.

There are many differences between tumor microenvironment and human normal internal environment in physical and chemical properties, especially in hypoxia, low PH and high pressure. It is precisely because of these characteristics that a large number of growth factors, Cytochemokines and proteolytic enzymes exist in the tumor microenvironment, which are conducive to tumor proliferation, invasion, adhesion, angiogenesis and anti-radiation chemotherapy, and promote the production of malignant tumors.

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Living cells