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What is the environment of immune tumor microenvironment

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What is the environment of immune tumor microenvironment

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Immune tumor microenvironment: The occurrence and metastasis of tumor is closely related to the internal and external environment of tumor cells. It includes not only the structure, function and metabolism of tumor tissue, but also tumor.

Immune tumor microenvironment


Systemic and local tissues can also restrict and influence the occurrence and development of tumors through changes in metabolism, secretion, immunity, structure and function. Tumor and environment are interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and they are mutually antagonistic and struggle against each other. It is a key and core issue in modern tumor biology.

Recent advances in tumor cytology and molecular biology have led to a deeper understanding of the relationship between tumors and the environment. It is not only of great significance to understand the occurrence, development and metastasis of tumors, but also plays an important role in the diagnosis, prevention and prognosis of tumors.

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