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Characteristics of immune tumor microenvironment

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Characteristics of immune tumor microenvironment

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       Tumor and environment are interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and they are mutually antagonistic and struggle against each other. It is a key and core issue in modern tumor biology. Recent advances in tumor cytology and molecular biology have led to a deeper understanding of the relationship between the immune tumor microenvironment. It is not only of great significance to understand the occurrence, development and metastasis of tumors, but also plays an important role in the diagnosis, prevention and prognosis of tumors.

Immune tumor microenvironment

       Immune tumor microenvironment In addition to the above theories, it is also because: 1. The three-dimensional structure of protein is determined by various factors, such as activated sludge bacterial micelles, substance transfer and so on, and its structure has diversity; and produces or produces different results, which in the process of formation will be affected by other factors, resulting in pathological variation. 2. Tumor cells can also change and maintain their own survival and development conditions and promote the growth and development of tumor through external secretion and psychological stress response.

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Living cells