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Cell division

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Cell division

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       Direct division is one of the earliest methods of cell division, which was seen in the blood cells of chicken embryos as early as 1841. Because this division is the direct division of the nucleus and cytoplasm, it is called direct division. It is also called mitosis because there is no spindle wire when splitting. Only some cells in some animals can undergo mitosis, such as the red blood cells of frogs.



At the early stage of direct division, the nuclei and nucleoli of the globular nucleus elongated. Then the nucleus elongated to form dumbbell shaped and the central part was narrow and thin. Finally, the nucleus divides, and the cytoplasm divides as well, forming a cell membrane with the participation of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. In direct division, the nuclear envelope and nucleolus do not disappear, there is no chromosome, of course, can not see the regular changes in chromosome replication.

However, this does not mean that there is no profound change in chromatin. In fact, chromatin is duplicated and cells are enlarged. When the nuclear volume doubles, the nucleus divides and the genetic material in the nucleus is distributed into daughter cells. The distribution of DNA in the nucleus remains to be further studied.Living cells

For a long time, there are different views on the issue of direct splitting. Some people think that direct division is not a normal cell proliferation mode, but an abnormal phenomenon of division; others advocate that direct division is one of the normal cell proliferation mode, mainly seen in highly differentiated cells, such as liver cells, renal tubular epithelial cells, adrenal cortical cells.

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Living cells