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        Bioengineering is a new comprehensive applied discipline which began to rise in the early 1970s. Bioengineering is generally considered to be based on the theories and techniques of biology (especially microbiology, genetics, biochemistry and cytology), combined with modern engineering techniques such as chemical engineering, machinery and computer, making full use of the latest achievements in molecular biology, consciously manipulating genetic material and directionally changing it Creators or their functions create new species with super-distant properties in a short time, and then large-scale cultivation of these "engineered bacteria" or "engineered cell lines" through appropriate bioreactors to produce a large number of useful metabolites or play their unique physiological functions is a new technology. Cell engineering technology

Living cells

      Bioengineering includes five major projects: genetic engineering (genetic engineering), cell engineering, microbial engineering (fermentation engineering), enzyme engineering (biochemical engineering) and protein engineering.Living cells

In these five fields, the first two functions are to use conventional bacteria (or plant and animal cell lines) as receptors for specific genetic material, so that they can acquire foreign genes and become new species that can express super-distant traits - "engineered bacteria" or "engineered cell lines"

Bioengineering has a wide range of applications, including agriculture, industry, medicine, pharmacology, energy, environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical raw materials and so on. It will certainly exert a tremendous influence on the political, economic, military and living aspects of human society, and provide a bright future for the solution of the problems facing the world, such as resources, environment and human health.

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Living cells