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Biotechnology is widely used today.

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Biotechnology is widely used today.

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       Biotechnology has been an indispensable part of our lives, with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological means, biotechnology has been widely used in our lives, the following we learn about the application of biotechnology. Ji'nan cell engineering

Ji'nan Bioengineering


Microscopic technique slide specimen preparation and staining technique isotope labeling tracing technique soilless cultivation technique crop breeding technique microscopic technique photoelectric microscopic technique electron microscopic technique

Application: cell (microscopic level, submicroscopic level) slide specimen preparation and dyeing technology

Application: isotope labeling technology for cell structure and function research *

Application: To study the problems related to chemical substances in cells or organisms, such as the location of a substance, the route of movement, and the mixing of substances.

At present, biotechnology is mainly used in human health, agriculture, industry and environment, but also in other fields.

There are more and more bio-companies developing livestock medical products. The U.S. market for animal health products is about $4 billion a year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture approves about 100 kinds of animal biological products, mainly vaccines and therapeutic drugs to prevent animal infections and common diseases.

Biotechnology should also be used for the protection of rare wildlife, through DNA identification to identify the species of animals, tracking their areas of activity and so on.

The application of marine biotechnology has enabled the survival of oversea and endangered marine organisms. At the same time, it provides a way for human beings to gather and discover new drugs from abundant marine biological resources. For example, a toxin in conch is an effective analgesic. Sponges can be used as an anti infection agent.

The application of biotechnology in space development can provide astronauts with the life support environment needed for long-term space exploration. In addition, biotechnology is also used in human Archaeology and crime investigation, and DNA analysis can be used to study the evolutionary history of human populations. The application of DNA technology in crime investigation can help law enforcement officers to identify criminals.

Modern biotechnology generally includes genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering and protein engineering. At the end of the 20th century, with the rise of computational biology, chemical biology and synthetic biology, the biotechnology of system biology, namely system biotechnology, was developed, including biotechnology, nano-biotechnology and synthetic biotechnology.

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Living cells