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Ladd Bert introduces you to immune cells

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Ladd Bert introduces you to immune cells

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Immune tumor microenvironment

 Immune cells refer to all the cells related to immune response, including T cells, B cells, killer cells (K cells), natural killer cells (NK cells), mononuclear phagocytes and so on. T cells and B cells are also called immunocompetent cells because these cells can differentiate and proliferate after being stimulated by antigens, causing an immune response, producing antibodies or sensitized T cells. Blood lymphocytes can be divided into T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes according to their occurrence and function. Cellular immunity is mainly achieved by T cells. These cells account for 80%-90% of the total number of lymphocytes in the blood. T cells, stimulated by antigens, become sensitized cells, directly contact and attack foreign bodies with specific antigens, such as tumor cells, xenograft cells; secrete a variety of lymphokines, destroy cells containing pathogens or inhibit virus proliferation; and cooperate with B cells to kill pathogenic microorganisms. Ji'nan cell engineering

Immune cell mainly refers to lymphocyte which can recognize antigen and produce specific immune response. Lymphocytes are the basic components of the immune system, widely distributed in the body, mainly T, B lymphocytes are activated by antigen stimulation, division and proliferation, the occurrence of specific immune response. Besides T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes, there are four types of K lymphocytes and NK lymphocytes. T lymphocyte is a multifunctional cell group. In addition to lymphocytes, the cells involved in the immune response include plasma cells, granulocytes, mast cells, antigen presenting cells and cells in the phagocytic system alone.(Immune tumor microenvironment

How to improve immune cells?

Sleep by sleep

Sleep is closely related to human immunity. Well-known immunologists through the "self-sleep" test found that good sleep can make the body's two lymphocytes significantly increased. Medical experts have shown that during sleep the body produces a sleep factor called cytoplasmic acid, which increases white blood cells, activates macrophages and enhances the detoxification of the liver, thereby eliminating invasive bacteria and viruses.

Keep an optimistic attitude.

Can maintain the body in the best state, especially in today's society, people are facing a lot of pressure, tremendous psychological pressure will lead to the human immune system inhibitory hormones increase, so vulnerable to cold or other diseases.

Restrict drinking

Drink no more than 100 ml of low-alcohol liquor a day, no more than 250 ml of yellow wine, no more than 1 bottle of beer, because alcohol has a negative impact on every part of the body. Even if drinking wine can reduce cholesterol, you should limit one glass a day. Excessive drinking can cause great damage to blood and heart and other organs.

Participate in sports

Three studies conducted by experts showed that 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day, five days a week, for 12 weeks, increased the number of immune cells and increased resistance. As long as the heart rate can accelerate, walking after dinner is very suitable.

Vitamin supplement

Daily supplement of vitamins and minerals. Experts point out that the body's weapons against foreign aggression, including interferon and the number and vitality of various immune cells are related to vitamins and minerals.

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