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We are all concerned about the safety of biotechnology.

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We are all concerned about the safety of biotechnology.

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      The widespread application of biotechnology has brought tremendous convenience to our life, but at the same time, as a front-stage technology in the widespread use of safety issues has become a topic of close concern to people, the safety of biotechnology, Jinan Bioengineering to introduce to you about the safety of biotechnology.(Living cells

Living cells

The so-called biotechnology, in fact, is the theory and life science and technology applied in biology and processing, which can be used to realize the control of body function, so as to provide people with the services and products they need. As one of the most influential science and technology, biotechnology has developed rapidly in recent years. After years of study and development, China has made great progress in biotechnology research, and completed the industrialization development of biotechnology with genetically engineered drugs, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines as the core. In addition to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology has also been widely used in agricultural production. As early as 1973, the state invested a large number of manpower, material and financial resources in the development of recombinant DNA technology, and used this technology to solve the problem of shortage of medicine and food [1]. Internationally, more than 50 countries have approved the experiment of individual transgenic plants in the field. In addition, many transgenic plants have been commercialized and brought great economic and social benefits to the country.

The wrong use of biotechnology can easily lead to the emergence of biosafety risks. For example, in laboratory work, if the wrong use of biological products, not only will lead to microbial infection, but also cause environmental pollution. For example, in the process of developing the mouse pox virus, Australian scientists mistakenly injected the IL-4 Gene Mouse pox virus developed in the laboratory into imported mice, resulting in the death of all mice due to the destruction of the immune system. Imagine that the wrong application of biological products to humans would pose a serious risk. This problem is related to the lack of standardized management standards and better protection conditions. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of such safety problems, it is necessary to construct a better evaluation system of life sciences, and complete the formulation of scientific code of conduct, so as to avoid the misuse of biotechnology. In the process of developing and popularizing biotechnology, relevant work should be carried out according to the corresponding legal standards to reduce the risk of biotechnology safety.

In the process of biopharmaceuticals, more carriers of bacteria and viruses will be exposed. These vectors contain dangerous infectious agents, which may directly lead to human infection, or may be spread to the environment, resulting in a wide range of infections. The infected objects may be animals and plants, but also may be human beings. Therefore, abusing biotechnology will bring great danger to animals and plants and human beings. At present, DNA synthesis technology has been widely used in biopharmaceutical clinical trials. Using this technique, genes from multiple bacteria and yeasts need to be synthesized on the basis of following the general rules of life systems. However, the abuse of DNA synthesis technology will bring some risk and harm to the outside world. In the process of using, unreasonable behaviors will even lead to unforeseen disasters. In clinical trials of gene therapy, biotechnology has also been abused, such as stem cell cloning. In addition, some scholars have also made immoral use of biotechnology, that is, using it to study somatic cell cloning, and even using biotechnology to study genetic weapons and biological weapons, thus bringing a huge threat to the survival of all organisms. For example, the use of biotechnology for genetic modification can lead to more environmentally and antibiotic-resistant toxic biological agents, thus providing technical support for terrorists to promote terrorism. Therefore, in order to avoid the abuse of biotechnology, it is necessary to strengthen the biosafety education of biological laboratory personnel, so as to prevent the abuse of biotechnology. In addition, the state should establish and improve the laws and regulations of biosafety management, and strengthen the establishment of biosafety evaluation mechanism, so as to provide legislative protection for biosafety. In formulating specific laws and regulations, we should also draw on the advanced experience of western countries and carry out system construction in combination with China's actual national conditions, so as to protect China's biological safety while fulfilling relevant international obligations.

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Living cells