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The influence of biotechnology on society

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The influence of biotechnology on society

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Biotechnology has become a well-known scientific research technology, with the continuous improvement of scientific research technology, biotechnology has gradually become an indispensable part of social development, to a certain extent, the development and application of biotechnology has promoted the overall development of society, but also brought tremendous convenience to people. Here we go together Learn about the impact of biotechnology on society. Ji'nan cell engineering

Living cells

At present, the application of biotechnology is mainly carried out from four aspects: microbial engineering, enzyme engineering, cell engineering and genetic engineering. In specific applications, biotechnology is interrelated but independent of each other. Biotechnology, also known as bioengineering, is a comprehensive engineering system that takes life science as the foundation, strengthens the research and development of biological organisms and coordinates the application of various technologies. Bioengineering is a specialty set up in the process of talent cultivation in many colleges and universities. In the course of study, the specialty pays attention to the students'innovative use of cytology, genetics and microbiology on the basis of biological knowledge. In the application of bioengineering to practical operation, biology The application of engineering technology can promote the innovation and development of bioengineering technology on the basis of the combination of the current information technology, computer network technology and modern engineering technology such as chemical engineering. In the current social progress and development, the application of biotechnology can solve the problems of resource shortage, species endangerment, environmental destruction, modernization and so on in the process of social development and progress by transforming genetic material, transforming biological functions and cultivating and researching new species. Irreplaceable significance. In addition, the application of biotechnology technology plays an important role in establishing a coordinated relationship between human development and economic, environmental and social development, and promoting the sustainable development of human society.(Living cells
1. The role of biotechnology in social and economic development
First of all, the application of biotechnology from a market-oriented point of view, to promote the development of the market economy is technological innovation, is the performance of productivity improvement. For example, in the current relying on bioengineering technology for the emerging industries emerge in endlessly, in the traditional economic development and transformation, break through the technical difficulties and the plight of resources and energy, for economic development has brought new material reserve and technological vitality. In the process of the development of bioengineering technology industry, the United States, Japan and other countries with high level of research and development of bioengineering technology are competing to continuously improve the dynamics of biotechnology research and innovation. Secondly, the products produced by biotechnology have a better consumer market and consumer groups in the market, and the competitiveness of biotechnology products is also very large. If we master the most advanced biotechnology, then undoubtedly occupy the commanding height in the development of market economy and play a very important role in improving our competitiveness. Use. Specifically, on the one hand, the application of biotechnology to alleviate the current social progress and development of energy shortage is more effective. For example, ethanol developed through the use of biotechnology can replace some of the current energy applications, for alleviating energy shortages is more effective, and ethanol environmental pollution is very low, can reduce pollutant emissions. At present, in the process of treating wastewater and waste residue, biotechnology can effectively protect the environment by using microorganisms for decomposition and purification. On the other hand, biotechnology can effectively promote the transformation of agricultural development, for example, the most widely used transgenic biotechnology effectively solve the problem of food shortage, and the research and development of new pesticides, not only to reduce pests and diseases, but also to improve agricultural production plays an important role. In general, the use of biotechnology can produce more environmentally friendly and healthy products, for the creation of a good production and living environment has a breakthrough significance.

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