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Ladd Bert introduces biomedical engineering to you.

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Ladd Bert introduces biomedical engineering to you.

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        Biomedical engineering combines the principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer and engineering to study biology, medicine, behavior or hygiene; proposes basic concepts, generates knowledge from the molecular level to the organ level, and develops innovative biological products, materials, processing methods, implants, instruments and information. Learning methods should be used for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation of patients, and improvement of health status. Ji'nan Bioengineering

Cell analysis technology

       Biomedical engineering is a new frontier subject. It integrates the theories and methods of engineering, physics, biology and medicine, studies the state changes of human body system at all levels, and uses engineering technology to control these changes. Its purpose is to solve the related problems in medicine, to protect human health and to treat diseases. Disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services. It has a branch of bioinformatics, chemical biology and so on. It mainly studies biology, computer information technology and instrumental analytical chemistry. The development of microfluidic chip technology provides new technical prospects of Biomedical Engineering for medical diagnosis and drug screening, as well as personalized and transformed medicine. Biological and microfluidic technology biochip is a system biotechnology, which will be unified with system bioengineering in the future.
       development history
Biomedical engineering rose in the 1950s. It has a very close relationship with medical engineering and biotechnology, and it develops very rapidly. It has become one of the main areas of competition in the world.
Like other disciplines, the development of biomedical engineering is determined by scientific, social and economic factors. This noun first appeared in the United States. In 1958, the International Federation of Medical Electronics was established in the United States. In 1965, it was renamed the International Federation of Medicine and Bioengineering, and later became the International Society of Biomedical Engineering.
      Biomedical engineering not only has very good social benefits, but also has very good economic benefits. It has a very broad prospect. It is one of the high-tech developed by many countries in the new era. In 1984, for example, the market for biomedical engineering and systems in the United States was about $11 billion. The American Academy of Sciences estimates that its output value is expected to reach 400~1000 billion dollars by 2000.
      Biomedical engineering is based on the development of electronics, microelectronics, modern computer technology, chemistry, polymer chemistry, mechanics, modern physics, optics, ray technology, precision machinery and modern high technology, and developed under the condition of combining with medicine. Its development process is closely related to the world's high-tech development, and it has adopted almost all the high-tech achievements, such as aerospace technology, microelectronics technology and so on.

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Living cells