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The wide application of Biotechnology

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The wide application of Biotechnology

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        With the wide application of science and technology, biotechnology has become an important part of our daily life. It has brought great convenience to our life and guaranteed our quality of life.

 Immune tumor microenvironment

Biotechnology application refers to the application of biotechnology in various fields. Biotechnology is the field of Applied Biology. Biotechnology is the use of organisms and biological processes to produce products in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring biological products. Immune tumor microenvironment

Biotechnology requires knowledge of pure biological sciences (genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, etc.) and fields outside biology (chemical engineering, biological processing engineering, information technology, biological robots). On the contrary, modern biological sciences (including molecular ecology concepts) are closely related to the development of biotechnology. Modern biotechnology also includes genetic engineering and cell and tissue culture techniques.

Biotechnology is used in four major industrial areas: health care, grain production and agriculture, non-food use of cereals and other products (biodegradable plastics, vegetable oils, biofuels) and environmental use. One application of biotechnology, for example, is the direct production of organic products (e.g., bee and milk) from organisms. Another example is the existing bacteria used in bioleaching mining industry. Biotechnology also uses recycling, waste disposal, dirt removal (biological treatment), and production of weapons.

A series of development has produced some branches of biotechnology, such as:
Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field dealing with biological problems by computational technology. It is possible to organize and analyze biological data very quickly. It can be called computational biology.

Bioinformatics plays a key role in various fields, such as functional genomics, structural genomics and proteomics, and forms key components in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Blue biotechnology is a biotechnology used in sea and aquatic applications, but it is rarely used.

Green biotechnology is a technology used in agricultural production. One example is the selection and domestication of plants through the multiplication of microbes. Another example is the design of genetically modified plants in the presence of or without special chemicals. It is hoped that green biotechnology can produce better results than traditional industries and agriculture.

Red biotechnology is the technology of applied medicine. Some examples are the design and production of antibiotics, and the genetic engineering of changing gene therapy diseases.

White biotechnology, also known as industrial biotechnology, is a technology applied to industrial production. The example is to design an organism to produce useful chemical medicine.

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Living cells