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Application of biotechnology in re life

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Application of biotechnology in re life

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        With the continuous improvement of science and technology, biotechnology has gradually penetrated into our lives. The improvement of biotechnology has brought great convenience to our lives, not only in the safety of life, but also in the way of life as biotechnology gradually improves people's way of life. Now let's take a look at the important impact of biotechnology on our lives. Cell engineering technology(Living cells

Living cells

How can biotechnology improve the quality of human life?
3 application of food products
People take food as their day, safe, healthy and delicious green food is favored by human beings. By processing food ingredients through biotechnology, we can make safe, healthy and delicious food. For example, practical pigments, vanillin and carotene in modern food are microbial pigments, which are safe and stable. More importantly, they can reduce the content of nitrite through biotechnology and improve the safety of human use. Large-scale cultivation of single cell protein by biotechnology can extract a large number of protein resources, not only improve the essential properties of food, enhance nutritional content, increase the content of microorganisms or minerals can also improve the flavor of food, such as the use of flavor enhancers in meat juice and feed. In addition, the edible gum produced by biotechnology can not only stabilize the mouthfeel but also enhance the toughness and chewing strength.
3 application of waste water treatment
China has always been a country where water resources are scarce. Wastewater treatment can effectively save water resources, protect the ecological environment and improve the quality of human life. Aerobic method and fermentation method have become mature. At present, biotechnological water purification is being developed, that is, the use of microbial life processes to transfer and transform pollutants in wastewater. Among them, a number of biotechnology has become a new sewage treatment technology. Through biological technology to treat sewage, the technological process is high. After immobilizing the special bacteria such as decolorizing bacteria, denitrifying bacteria and Pseudomonas spp. according to the need, the density of bacteria will be increased and the efficiency of treatment will be improved. Especially for the refractory toxic substances, the color of effluent will be very low. Water can be reused.
3 applications in medical research
The more we learn about the genetic structure of humans, the more we discover that we don't know enough about it. We need new drugs to tackle the cancer and other complex diseases, so as to improve human health. Biotechnology plays an important role in drug research and development. Biochips provide the basis for the study of molecular mechanism of new Chinese medicines, identify the origin and quality of Chinese medicines, clarify the molecular mechanism of Chinese medicines, and screen out the effective components of Chinese medicines. Bioconversion technology can make up for the shortcomings of chemical synthesis. The directional biotransformation technology can transform the high content components of natural medicines into micro high active components, so the content of micro components can be greatly increased to meet the standard requirements.

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Living cells