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The important influence of biotechnology on our life

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The important influence of biotechnology on our life

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        Biotechnology is developing rapidly in China, and biotechnology is becoming more and more close to human daily life. Nowadays, biotechnology is used to produce raw materials, raw materials, and genetic engineering. Enzyme engineering, cell engineering to improve food raw materials, promote the improvement of food quality, at the same time, antioxidant treatment through biotechnology can also enhance the life cycle of food. In medicine, biotechnology is integrated into the theory and research of life sciences to promote the sustainable utilization of medicinal materials and reduce costs, and because medical care is related to our personal health, it has potential social value and economic benefits. With the development of industry, biotechnology is also applied to the treatment of water pollution. Biological treatment technology has been an important means to control water pollution. To sum up, biotechnology has been widely used in agriculture, medicine, environmental protection, light chemical industry and other important fields related to biotechnology, laying a good foundation for innovation and industrialization. The combination of more and more biotechnology and human daily life means that biotechnology plays an important role in improving the quality of human life. Biotechnology company(Living cells

Living cells

The importance of developing biotechnology
1 promoting human development
The advances made in understanding the human genetic code by biotechnology show that great achievements have been made in the search for treatment and recovery of diseases through biotechnology. The contribution of biotechnology to vaccines, antibiotics and other drugs in the face of disease has saved or prolonged the lives of millions of people, and insulin, which plays a key role in the treatment of diabetes, has been able to use genetically engineered bacteria for cheap mass production; now biotechnology has also been used for cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and multiple epilepsy. Sexual hardening, cardiopulmonary disease, Alzheimer's disease, AIDS and so on. Therefore, the development of biotechnology is promoting human development and progress all the time.
2 promoting economic development
The development of biotechnology and biotechnology industry is rapid, and the development of biotechnology economy has become a common strategy adopted by many countries in response to the financial crisis. In recent years, the application of biotechnology has become increasingly widespread, and has been recognized by people. At present, the sales of the global biotechnology industry almost doubled every five years. In order to apply to the financial crisis, China's "National Program for Medium and Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020)" has taken biotechnology as the five strategic priorities of the current development of science and technology in China. One of.
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Living cells