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Technology improves and biotechnology permeates life.

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Technology improves and biotechnology permeates life.

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        With the development of science and technology, the level of production technology continues to improve, driven by science and technology, people's living standards have significantly improved, the most notable is the rapid development of biotechnology, the following cell engineering technology to take you to understand the information about biotechnology

Living cells


Biotechnology is a technology that utilizes the basic principles of applied biology, chemistry and engineering to produce useful substances or to provide services to humans by using organisms (including microorganisms, animal cells and plant cells) or their components (organelles and enzymes). In recent years, with the rapid development of modern biotechnology, including the achievements of genetic engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, enzyme engineering and biochemical engineering, chemical products are produced by utilizing the characteristics of biotransformation, especially new products that are difficult to be obtained by general chemical means, so as to change the existing technology and solve the long-term problems. The energy crisis and environmental pollution, which have been puzzled for a long time, have attracted more and more attention and have been put into practice.(Living cells

Modern biotechnology, represented by genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering and fermentation engineering, is developing rapidly, and is increasingly influencing and changing people's production and lifestyle. The so-called biotechnology refers to the "use of living organisms (or substances of organisms) to improve products, improve plants and animals, or cultivate microorganisms for special purposes technology". Bioengineering is a general term for biotechnology, which refers to the use of biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics and other principles combined with biochemical engineering, to transform or re-create the genetic material of designed cells, to breed new varieties, to use existing biological systems on an industrial scale, and to use biochemical processes to manufacture workers. Industry products. In short, it is the process of industrialization of living organisms, life systems or life processes. Bioengineering includes genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, bioelectronic engineering, bioreactor, sterilization technology and emerging protein engineering, among which genetic engineering is the core of modern bioengineering. Genetic engineering (or genetic engineering, gene recombination technology) is the combination of genes from different organisms in vitro, and the DNA of the vector (plasmid, phage, virus) is linked, then transferred into microorganisms or cells, cloned, and the gene transferred into the cells or microorganisms expressed in order to produce the required eggs. White matter. More than 60% of biotechnology achievements are concentrated in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new medicines with special characteristics or to improve traditional medicines, which has led to major changes in the pharmaceutical industry and the rapid development of biopharmaceuticals.

Biotechnology is the product of the development of modern biology and its integration with other related disciplines. Its core is DNA recombination technology as the center of genetic engineering, including microbial engineering, biochemical engineering, cell engineering and biological products and other fields. To cultivate and master the basic theories, knowledge and skills of modern biology and biotechnology, to acquire preliminary training in applied basic research and scientific and Technological Development and research, and to cultivate biotechnological talents with good scientific quality, strong innovative consciousness and practical ability.

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Living cells