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Development of Biotechnology

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Development of Biotechnology

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       The application of biotechnology has changed our life and made our life more convenient and more secure. With the continuous progress of science and technology, biotechnology has gradually penetrated into our life in all aspects. The wide application of biotechnology in our life or in our work has improved our living standards. Here we are Let's learn about the history of Biotechnology: cell engineering.(Living cells

Living cells

Biotechnology uses science and technology and biotechnology to transform agriculture or other aspects. Scientific use of modern genetic engineering technology, the precise selection of some of the fine characteristics of the organism's genes, to transfer to another species, so that new genetically modified organisms have expected specific characteristics.

Biotechnology is a well-known term. The National Science and Technology Commission of the United States defines biotechnology as "biotechnology encompasses a range of technologies that use organisms or cells to produce the products we need. These new technologies include gene recombination, cell fusion, and some biological manufacturing processes."
In fact, humans have a long history of using organisms or cells to produce the products we need, such as farming 10,000 years ago, animal husbandry to provide a stable source of food, fermentation to make wine and bread 6,000 years ago, fungi to treat wounds 2,000 years ago, and use in 1797. Smallpox vaccine and antibiotics, such as penicillin, were discovered in 1928.

Since human beings have been using biotechnology for so long, why has biotechnology suddenly attracted widespread attention since 1990? This is because since the 1950s, the scientific community has gained a better understanding of the cells that make up the smallest unit of an organism and the genes that control the genetic characteristics of cells, and the technology of gene recombination and cell fusion developed in the 1970s. Since these two technologies can make cells or organisms produce the substances we need more effectively and help industrial or agricultural production, a new biotechnology industry has emerged since the 1980s!

Bill Gates said in 1996 that "biotechnology will change the world like computer software." Modern biotechnology industry has developed from 1980 to the present, and its application scope includes pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental protection, food processing, special chemicals and other industries. In the field of biomedical pharmaceuticals, 155 biotechnology drugs or vaccines have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and are used to treat diabetes, heart disease, cancer, AIDS and other diseases. In agriculture, recombinant plants such as papaya, tomato, maize and soybean have been listed. These plants are characterized by strong resistance to pests and diseases and can reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

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Living cells