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       Ledebort (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-end renewable biotechnology enterprise, specializing in cell research and development and related applications. Based on the current frontier science and technology, we have a number of patents for invention in China, and have mastered the core technology of many cell research. We are a leading biotechnology enterprise integrating scientific research and development, clinical trials and market applications. The company is headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Ledebort (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on serving customers with high-tech products, integrates biotechnology and electronic information technology, and develops fast, accurate and convenient detection products to help customers understand cells in all aspects, and is committed to providing users with convenient and rich products.

The company adheres to the value concept of self-confidence, honesty, dedication and transcendence, adheres to "reform as the driving force, market-centered, science and technology as the guide to excellent quality, perfect service, for the vast number of cooperative medical institutions to provide valuable medical research technology, consultation, medical research for the cause of a new step and efforts!

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Quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the benefit of an enterprise, quality is the motive force for the development of an enterprise, and quality is the survival of an enterprise.

Quality is the life of an enterprise and quality is the benefit of an enterprise.

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